Identity Theft

Why Identity Theft Protection?

Millions of Americans report having their identity stolen each year. People are online and mobile more than any time in history, so it’s no surprise that identity theft is on the rise. And it goes far beyond simply having your credit card number stolen. While credit card fraud is one of the highest reported types of identity theft, it also includes bank, loan, phone and tax-related fraud.

Identity theft insurance won’t prevent your identity from being stolen. But it will be there to alert you if any suspicious activity is noticed under your name. The plan includes credit bureau monitoring, social security number usage and lost wallet protection. Accounts are monitored daily so you can rest easy knowing your identity is being protected even while you sleep. The sooner you can take action to close your accounts, the quicker you can recover your identity.

It takes years to establish a good reputation with credit lenders and employers. Make sure it remains yours by taking advantage of the identity theft insurance offered through your employer.