Long Term Care Insurance

Why Long Term Care Insurance?

To fully equip yourself for the future, consider adding a long term care plan to your insurance portfolio. Most health insurance plans will not cover long term care services such as skilled in-home care, nursing home facilities, assisted living centers or adult day care. If you had a long term care insurance plan in place, you would have peace of mind knowing that these costs are covered.

A long term care insurance plan is there for you whenever you need it as long as the premiums are paid and the policy is still in force. And while we usually think of senior citizens being the ones who need a long term care plan, the truth is that any person at any age can claim benefits when it’s necessary.

A long term care plan allows your loved ones to be there for you as a family member, not a caretaker. Plus, it helps preserve your assets so you can continue building your nest egg. Benefits are paid through payroll deduction, and the plan may be converted to an individual policy if you leave your employer.

Sit down with your First Financial Account Manager to discuss your group long-term care plan and choose the coverage the works best for you and your family.