What Is An Employee Assistance Program?

Life pulls us in many different directions. Between kids, personal relationships, extracurricular activities and family time, it seems like we don’t have enough time in day to fit it all in. When life gets you stressed, call the employee assistance line provided by your employer. It offers 24/7 access to professionals who can help you successfully face emotional issues.

An employee assistance program, or EAP, is a free, voluntary program offered by your employer. With one phone call, you will have access to short-term counseling and confidential assessments whenever you have a personal or work-related problem.

Employee assistance programs address a wide range of issues including mental and emotional well-being, substance abuse and grief. Counselors are held to the highest ethical standard and are trained to keep your situation confidential. They work with you to determine the best way to address your needs and move you in a positive direction.