UBC/Cigna Plans

UBC Help Desk

For questions regarding the medical plan/prescription benefits, please email help@ubc-benefits.com.

You now have the option to choose from 3 medical plans: The UBC/CIGNA HD Plan, UBC/CIGNA Basic Plan, and the UBC/CIGNA Enhanced Plan.

Review below plans for details.

UBC/Cigna Plan Information

Please contact Allegiance at 1-855-999-6809 for any questions or for additional/replacement insurance cards. Tell them you are with East Central ISD. 

  • Cigna Nationwide Network with over 1 million healthcare professionals
  • No referral necessary to see a specialist
  • Lower Out-of-Pocket maximums
  • In- and Out- of Network Benefits
  • Free Telemedicine through WellVia.
  • Access to the East Central ISD Health and Wellness Center

East Central ISD Health and Wellness Center 

East Central ISD is partnering with CareATC to provide primary and preventative health care available free of charge to all employees, spouse and dependents (ages 2+) covered on the East Central ISD-UBC Cigna Medical Plan. Click below to find out more.

UBC – Your Alternative Medical Solution

MyCigna.com - Find a Doctor

 Is your doctor or hospital in your plan’s Cigna network? Cigna’s online directory makes it easy to find who (or what) you’re looking for. 

Click here to learn more!

UBC/Cigna Enhanced Plan