Hospital Indemnity

Why Hospital Indemnity Insurance?

Hospital stays are costly. If you or a family member find yourself in the hospital due to a sudden accident or illness, you may struggle financially, even if you have a good medical plan. With a hospital indemnity plan, you can rest assured those extra expenses won’t be a financial burden.

Unlike medical plans, there are no deductibles to meet with a hospital indemnity plan. As soon as you incur a qualified event, you can file a claim and start receiving benefits.

The plan pays a lump sum benefit in a previously specified amount. The money can be used for medical costs, insurance deductibles, groceries, transportation, childcare – the choice is up to you!


Hospital Indemnity insurance is designed to supplement your medical coverage (not replace it), easing the financial impacts by covering some of the additional out-of-pocket expenses associated with a hospital or intensive care stay. It provides cash benefits paid directly to you for hospitalization admission.

The Hospital Indemnity Plan includes:

  • Guarantee-issue for all eligible applicants during Open Enrollment (no underwriting).
  • No pre-existing limitations – all hospital stays where you are charged for an over-night stay are covered, including pregnancy.
  • If the mother is covered, a newborn child is also covered for 60 days. For example, a new born will be covered if the mother is covered or the Father has Employee and Spouse coverage.
  • Pays $1,000 per Hospital Confinement
  • Pays $200 per day while hospitalized – 31-day max per covered event
  • Pays $200 per day in ICU – 10-day max per covered event
  • Covers unmarried children up to age 26